About us

About us

Beetle Company was established in December 2001. We are the agent and distributor of TOCOS.SAKAE.LSIS.HY.NEMICON.
PARA.MEGATRON.SENTOP.... and other world-renowned products, which are widely used in various types.Electronics, AI,
communications, machinery, automotive electronics, semiconductor equipment, motors, information,motor control... and other
markets, and continue to introduce new products in accordance with market needs, andin-depth work towards overall
marketing and technical support to meetThe needs of customers are the goal.

We have 20 years of experience in the industrial control market and electronics market, constantly improving the quality of
personnel, deepening professional technology, introducing products and developing new markets, and are committed to the
integration of productlines and markets.Establish a better supply and support platform, create the core competitivevalue of
beetles,obtain the affirmation of suppliers and thetrust of more than 3000 customers, we require the company'semployees to
uphold product expertise, efficiency and speed,
The company's business philosophy of integrity, expansion of channels, combined with the pulse of the market and
internationalization, constantly seeking innovation and change, and pursuing growth, we have the confidence and experience
to create win-win business opportunities with partners.

Operating market 

 electronic market

 Power market
 Instrument market
 Panel market

 vehicle electronics    
 Communication market

 Industrial Control Market       

 Information Market
 Semiconductor equipment
 Elevator equipment

 temperature control
 Motor control
 Frequency converter

 Processing machine market
 Transportation equipment market
 PLC market

 AI equipment
 Machinery market

 household appliance market

 LED lighting equipment
 Health equipment market
 LCD screen
 Access control system



Customer service

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