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All kinds of quartz oscillators

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Crystal Oscillator product series :


Crystal Reso nators

◎ 49/U Crystal Resonators                                      ◎ 49/US 49USM Crystal Resonators

◎ 49/USS 49/USSM Crystal                                      ◎ Resonators Miniature SMD Crystal Resonators 4PAD 

◎ Miniature SMD Crystal Resonators 2PAD           ◎ UM-1 UM-5 UM-4SM UM-5SM Monolithic1

◎ Tuning Fork Crystal Resonators /KHZ                 ◎ Tuning Fork Crystal Resonators /MHZ 

Crystal Oscillator

◎ FXO50/FXO33 Full Size HCMOS/TTL Clock Oscillator         ◎ Miniture SMD Oscillators HCMOS

◎ HXO50/HXO33 Full Size HCMOS/TTL Clock Oscillator 

Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator

◎ VXO33/VXO50 Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator              ◎ Miniture SMD Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

◎ Miniture SMD Temperature Oscillators                                       ◎ Crystal Oscillator Output Waveform/Test Circuit

Ceramic Resonator

◎ ZTA/ZTT Series   ZTB Series  LT10.7M Ceramic Filter Series  ◎ LT/LTP Series Ceramic Filter

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MOSFET series

Module series